Making the most of Steep sites

When building on a steep site the options can be more complicated than on the flat, but they do not need to be.

Often the first option when faced with a steep site is to dig out a large area of soil to regain a suitable flat building platform. This option can be quite expensive, leads to issues as to what to do with the spoil, and often requires resource consent along with costly retaining.

Whilst challenging, a steep site can ensure creative ways to solve the issue and can lead to the best in design resulting in an innovative home.

Considerations often used on steep sites are to:

  • balance cut and fill

  • effective use of retaining walls to step the site

  • build along the natural contour of the land

  • making every square metre of floor space count through good design

  • Maximise the views that a steep site will likely have.

Glenroy Housing has years of experience when it comes to building on steep sites and depending on the site formation will often use utilise a timber foundation and floor system on piles & poles. This option allows you to build 'out of the slope' rather than full excavate into the slope.

There are many ways to tackle the steep slope issue, so be sure to talk to to an experienced builder early on in your project.