The Glenroy Advantage


The beauty of a off-site manufactured building system that allows innovative architecture with a cost effective modular building method. Glenroy Housing brings together quality & service throughout the entire design and build process.


Care is at the forefront at each and every stage of the building process when building with Glenroy Housing

  • Purpose built timber drying facilities help ensure timber is seasoned to perfection.

  • Pristine finishes on exposed beams and doors achieved through the experienced craftmanship of our specialist timber finisher, made possible in our purpose built factory.

With a constantly evolving industry we ensure dedicated ongoing research and development into the latest building products and techniques.

Attention to detail and skilled carpenters ensure that your house is crafted not just built.


Glenroy offer flexibility in our approach to working together.

  • Utilize our plans or we can modify your own.

  • Gain peace of mind through a set specification list or add your own personal flair.

  • Utilize our Design & Build team from start to finish or have the ability to complete components of the build yourself.

Glenroy will work with you, based on how you like to work.

One United Team

Conventional building companies will often utilize a large number of sub-contractors each with their own standards, quality controls and schedules. At Glenroy we believe it takes a united team to build a beautiful home.

  • Our team undertakes each step of the build process right from foundations to roof installation, helping to minimize the number of sub-contractors.

  • Allows greater flexibility in the timing of each component of the build, which in turn helps to eliminate unscheduled delays.

  • Ensuring strong processes for quality control from start to finish. A focus on quality including schedule, budget, safety, team, and attention to detail helps ensure that the build is completed successfully.

Nothing beats Experience

A Family company with over 50 years experience in the New Zealand Construction industry Glenroy Housing has an outstanding reputation built on experience and expertise, with a strong focus on innovation.

Standout Features of a Glenroy Home

Mono Pitch Roof

The design of our roof structure easily allows the creation of a mono pitch roof and is now our most chosen roof design.

Sloping Ceilings, and Space

Enjoy the luxury of full height sloping ceilings throughout the entire house. The Glenroy Modular Smart Build system ensures the ability to have full height ceilings in all rooms.

Vertical Timber Claddding

Our custom cladding options provide the modern asthetic of vertical timber boards with the sustainablity of NZ Pine.

Remote or Hard to reach Sites

We are specialists when it comes to building in remote locations, this need not be a limiting factor when it comes to building with Glenroy Housing.

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