Building in Remote Locations


Hard to reach or isolated sites need not add significantly to the cost of building your dream home or bach. Glenroy Housing has years of experience when it comes to building in hard to reach and/or difficult sites.

Glenroy Housing has a number of advantages when it comes to building in isolated or difficult sites.

  1. The ability to pre-engineer the majority of the build in our Marlborough Factory ensuring an efficient onsite build time.

  2. Ability to limit the number of sub-contractors on site. Our houses are pre-engineered which eliminates the requirement for interior stopping, painting on site.

  3. Logistics of Supply. An entire 3 bedroom house can be consolidated into a standard shipping container, or packaged into lots suitable for efficient use of a helicopter on sites with no road access.

  4. Maximising natural attributes of the site to help minimise the environmental impact and foundation / site retaining costs.

If you are building on a isolated or difficult site talk to our experienced team.