Outward Bound Eco Lodge

Staff Accommodaton Eco Units Outward Bound Anakiwa

Master Builders House of the Year - Housing NZ Community Development Award

Located in the picuturesq Queen Charlotte Sound, these residential Eco-Lodges were built for the Outward Bound Instructors. The Eco-Lodge sites were flanked by large Kahikatea trees and needed to be architecturally suited to the Queen Charlotte Sounds site but not to jump out as being too different from existing buildings on site.

There was a drive for energy efficienty so the whole building needed to be considered, not just isolated components. Total energy consumption per sqm was required to be reduced from similar existing units by 75%. A heated concrete slab on poly was chosen and is heated from surplus hot water provided by an evacuated tupe solar system and Daiken water heat pump. The lodges were also designed to make use of sun as first energy source while making sure that the roof overhangs and ventilation would keep the lodges cool in summer.

Low maintenance inside and out while using materials with the right look, plus good oreinetation were designed, creating good looking and practical lodges.

Outward Bound runs a number of programmes catering for people aged 16 -80 as well as adult, corporate and courses for the disabled.

The design brief was too construct two low maintenance buildings for staff accommodation, with minimal effects on the environment and be as energy efficient as possible. Glenroy Housing has been awesome to work with
— Vic Koller, Maintenance Manager Outward Bound